10 Songs to Get You Through Tough Times

    In rough times, many people rely on music to change their mood and to help them view their situation in a different light. Although it may be beneficial to listen to uplifting songs, I tend to find solace in slow songs. Whether you are experiencing heartbreak, loss, or grief, here is a foolproof list of songs to find comfort in.


    “Change” by Jack Johnson

    The only thing that remains constant in our lives is the presence of change. Just when we seem to be getting used to the way our life has become, we are faced with a new set of challenges and obstacles that mix up our daily routine. This song will help you come to terms with the fact that change will always be a part of life and that we cannot fear it, but we must rather let it provide us with motivation.

    “Tear in My Heart” by Twenty One Pilotsheadphones

    Although this song may be upbeat, the lyrics truly present the idea that in the bad, you can always find good. The song opens with: “Sometimes you gotta bleed to know that you’re alive and have a soul.”

    “The Way That I Need You” by Passenger

    It always seems like the person you have feelings for never reciprocates those feelings. If you are experiencing unrequited love and feel like the special person in your life will never need you in the same way that you need them, then this is the perfect song for you. Passenger has a way of relating to everyone and making us all feel like we have a partner in the maze to receive the love we deserve.

    “Shots” by Imagine Dragons

    There are days when we question the decisions we have made. Did they bring us closer to where we hope to be? Or were they mere mistakes? Well, Imagine Dragons encourages us to disregard the faults in our past and to look forward to our future.

    “Tompkins Square Park” by Mumford & Sons267H

    Like many Mumford & Sons’ songs, “Tompkins Square Park” is a great song to which you can allow yourself to commiserate about your current situation. Losing love is tough, but this song can definitely help you through it.

    “Dead Sea” by The Lumineers

    There are points in our lives where we feel like others are pushing us into making decisions that we don’t necessarily agree with. The Lumineers tell us to follow our own path and to not always live for somebody else.

    “Bob in the Rain and the Lizard of Hope” by Tom Rosenthal

    The minimal lyrics to this song are silly, but they still can have a huge impact on your mood. They give us the simple message we all need sometimes: “It’s going to be alright.”

    “Bones” by Ben Howard

    Although going through rough times can change us in unimaginable ways, we can still have faith in the future. This song tells us to “laugh like there’s hope in the story.” Though things may seem glum now, there is no reason to lose the desire to find light in everything coming our way.

    “Running” by James Bay

    In this song, James Bay is able to fully capture the feeling of being alone and afraid of what is to come. If you think life is getting too confusing to navigate by yourself, just keep running to the place where you belong.

    “Vienna” by Billy Joel

    Sometimes our dreams get the best of us, and we begin to feel discouraged when we cannot meet our huge aspirations. Billy Joel reminds us to take out ambitions in stride and to create goals that are both attainable and challenging.


    Shannon Gleba
    Shannon Gleba is a sophomore in high school in New Jersey, though she always would rather be in London. She enjoys wearing glasses that make her look like she is from the 1950’s, and buying dresses that she never wears. In addition, if she isn’t writing or reading, she is probably on Tumblr, YouTube or playing soccer. She hopes to study to become a lawyer and live in England after high school!


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