Bird Walk by Faith Reale

my Mother and i used to go on walks together.

Our hands swinging, She’d point to the

Singing birds and whisper their names

in the safe shell of my ear. Bluebirds,

matching the sky. Now my hands

twist and tie themselves into

knots. i tell my feet to make

no noise as i drift into school

my heart is a hummingbird’s

wing and my mind is held

captive by Ravens and Crows.

Gingerly i sit in a chair in the

back of the room.




i pray. But the birds in

heaven don’t hear

or don’t care

and when the

Ravens and

Crows see

me their

talons go

straight for

my Bluebird




Faith Reale
Faith Reale has enjoyed writing since she was very young and continues in her pursuit of the written word (her pretentious way of saying writing is her passion). For seventeen years, she has resided in Northern Virginia, but soon she will ideally head off for a higher level of education, preferably somewhere far, far away. She enjoys watching too much Netflix when she should be doing her homework, spending time with her family and friends, and, of course, reading and writing at all hours of the night. Faith is passionate about animal rights and lives a plant-based lifestyle. She looks forward to traveling around the world and writing about her experiences with her typical witty sarcasm.



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