5 Fashion Statements That Give Back

    For many, there’s nothing that feels quite as good as giving back. Whether it be donating to a charity, donating clothes, or helping out the community around you, there is something fundamentally inspiring about helping a good cause. Here are five fashion statements that prove giving back is always in style.

    1. The Giving Keys
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    Image via thegivingkeys.com

    This beautiful assortment of lock and key jewelry is created from old keys. Each unique piece is stamped with an inspirational word, such as “Let Go” or “Dream.” You’re even supposed to recycle the necklace or bracelet; when you feel someone else needs the message more, you pass it on to them, and you can share your story online. You can go for the classical necklace in antique gold or the new dainty lock. There is a style of key for everyone. The company gives back to the community by employing those who are transitioning out of homelessness.




    2. TOMS
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    Image via toms.com

    TOMS are known for their comfortable and colorful slip-on shoes. They are also known for the One for One campaign, in which TOMS provides new shoes for those in need. Through this effort they have donated more than fifty million pairs of shoes to children in need, and they provide other charitable services to those who need it most. TOMS eyewear purchases provide people with eye exams and corrective services. With so many styles, it’s hard not to go on a shopping spree.


    3. Sevenly

    Can’t decide which charity to donate to? Then log on to Sevenly, an online marketplace that donates to a new charity each week. This stylish boutique started in 2011 with the simple belief that “People Matter.” Some of the merchandise includes stylish shirts with snappy sayings, such as “Live Loud.” You could certainly amass quite the collection and donate to a variety of charities if you check in each week.


    4. Out of Print
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    Image via outofprintclothing.com

    What could be better than including your hobbies in your fashion and giving back as well? For book lovers, that stop is Out of Print, a shop that has book-themed clothes, accessories, and even some home supplies. These include library-card-themed scarves for that cold trek to the library and notebooks with beautiful literary classic covers. Each purchase helps put a book in the hands of someone who needs it through the company’s charity partner: Books for Africa.


    5. Feel More Better

    This website has a lot going on. Dedicated to promoting happyness (yes, that’s how they spell it), this brand promises that with every StoryTee you purchase on their site, they will donate a book to an underprivileged girl. You can purchase T-shirts that promote body positivity, like the “Just Me” T-shirt in powder blue. Feel More Better is also an advocate for the Media and Public Health Act, which would require a special label on advertisements that use Photoshop. This organization’s inspiration came from parents who wanted to see their children grow up in a world they could be happy about.


    So, whatever cause is close to your heart, be sure to find a way to wear it loud and proud. Let your fashion truly reflect you.

    Macey Lavoie
    Macey Lavoie is a new Bostonian trying to find her way around and working on her MFA at Emerson College. She has a fondness for sushi, walks on the beach, donkeys, and drawing. When she is not busy having crazy adventures with her friends, she can be found either jotting down writing ideas in her small notebook or curled up with a book and her two cats. Her dream is to one day change the world with a book and to own a large library.


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