An Adorable 24-Hour Hello Kitty Cafe Opens in Changi Airport

hellokitty9Ever wondered what it would be like to have a tea party with Hello Kitty? Well, if you end up in Singapore, why not stop by Changi Airport’s new addition: the 24-hour Hello Kitty Cafe, which is the first 24-hour Hello Kitty Cafe in the world.

The doors of the new cafe were opened May 12 in Changi Airport’s Terminal 3. Andrew Khoo, COO of ABR Holdings, stated that the Hello Kitty Orchid Garden is going through the process of being Halal certified, making it the first Halal cafe out of all its counterparts in countries like Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Japan.

This Hello Kitty Cafe has its own theme, pretty much like how the other Hello Kitty Cafes have their own respective themes. In Singapore, the theme is “Orchid Garden,” which is derived from Singapore’s national flower, the orchid. The cafe boasts of a subtle feel with its wooden interiors and other Hello Kitty-inspired furnishings ornamented with flowers (mostly orchids) and bows. There are also paintings hanging from walls and rocking chairs and hammocks.

Image via ChannelNewsAsia

About 400 people came in to dine and take photos of the cafe on its opening day, with more adults in attendance than children. Diners can enjoy Hello Kitty-inspired food with local Singaporean flavors, a main difference from its counterparts in Seoul and Bangkok. The price range for the main courses are at S$15-S$24. They serve common desserts like cheesecakes and other pastries with that Hello Kitty flair, but they also serve confections like pandan panna cotta.

Image via Hello Kitty Orchid Garden
Image via Hello Kitty Orchid Garden

Also order a Hello Kitty latte with the famous feline’s face drawn on it because it looks adorable.

Another spectacle from the newly opened cafe is the new Hello Kitty mascot, which has a design that’s exclusive only to the Singapore cafe. She has two bows, which is the first in the world, and she wears a purple polka-dotted dress. Five hundred of these limited edition Hello Kitty plush toys with the new design were retailed for S$49.90 (US$36.40). There are also other Hello Kitty merchandise for sale in their gift shop alongside the 84-seater cafe.

Image via Mashable | Hello Kitty Orchid Garden

So, if you happen to stop by Singapore or you’re on your way back home from Singapore, stop by the Hello Kitty Cafe Orchid Garden in Changi Airport Terminal 3 and experience an adorable feline surprise!


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