A girl’s guide to surviving heartbreak by Snimar

she stands

because she has carried her scars for too long
drowned in her sorrows
too far into unfathomable lands and
uncertain journeys
because you said you’d stay
(oh, you know they never mean it)

but she believes

you never told her boys like you smoke treachery
so she waited, and she stood right there
where time never seemed to be stopping
you kept on and on and on
she tried to clutch at your silhouette

but even your shadow seemed to be
running, slipping right out of her hands like the soft summer sand.

but she smiles

and she smiles, but not from her eyes, never from her eyes.
the ends of her lips never reach there

but she laughs


like the sea that has cradled the tears of a million
but her laugh never rings through the air
never whistles like the autumn winds
it never surrounds her
she laughs because she has known the pain of not being able to get back up on feet
because she has spent her nights swimming in her darkness

and she breathes

like the gushing breeze near the lake down the alley

like the rays of the sun and she breathes because she hopes
and she hopes for you.


Snimar is a girl who likes to think of writing as her safe haven. When ink makes love to the paper, miracles happen, and she likes to witness as many of those as possible. Besides writing, she also enjoys binge-watching TV series, reading, and procrastinating. She believes that poetry can bring a change in the way the world perceives the world, and she’s here to act as a catalyst.



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