A person just like me by Mary Teresky

I sit in the corner of the bar
My toes twist, my throats tightens
I shouldn’t be here, I don’t belong.
People laughing, drinking, smiling
And I watch, sip my drink, and sit still without a sound or twitch of the mouth.
I scan the surrounding area for an escape route, but a crowd of patrons consume the corridor.
I do this every night.
I stay until everyone is gone
I stay until I am asked to leave
I stay because I have nowhere to go
I had picked my poison years ago
The burning sensation, the potent smell and taste that lingers on my teeth
I chose a poison that would make me suffer
Long and hard.
A fate a miserable person like me yearned for
No quick release, just the slow yet constant descent into my grave
Awaiting for me at the end of a path paved with empty bottles.
A path paved to suit me,
A person no one wants to know
A person no one wants to see
A person just like me.


Mary Teresky
Mary Teresky is a high school sophomore in the great state of New York. Mary's passions include: writing, athletics, and the sciences. She dreams of a future in literature so one day she can hopefully reach the hearts and minds of people from every corner of the world. The key to Mary's heart is humor and intelligence, and that's what she yearns to be herself -- a humorous, intelligent, and kind human being.


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