Abandoned by Karen Manabat

Tell them I was the perfect storm;
I came strong and uninvited.
Tell them you hid from my rain,
And prayed for me to be gone.

Tell them I was a delicate flower;
Blooming so strangely under the sun.
Tell them you stole my fragrance,
And alone you ran.

Tell them I was the ending to a story;
The tragic but beautiful kind.
Tell them you tore my pages,
And broke my heart.



Karen Manabat
Karen Manabat is a registered nurse from the Philippines. She loves pizza, sunsets, and late night poetry. Whenever she's not working, you can find her cuddling with her dog or singing bad karaoke. Other habits include: giving away free hugs, bookstagramming, and constantly messing up choreography. See her struggle with photography, bad captions, tbrs, and more at @bookishkaren on Instagram.



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