All Girl by Anisha Drall

Some days I am all girl
(By which I mean
my personality
is made up more of
what society determines
as girly)
I am nail polish and all
I listen to is
Taylor Swift while
reading some chick flick
made to convince teenage girls
that they can be manic pixie dream girls too
I giggle and say
like um you know
And I am all girl.

Some days I am less girl
and more anger
more bitch
More I speak so loud it
makes you uncomfortable
More fierce and less apologetic
My sentences are all declarative and I do not
attach question marks to my statements

Some days I am more girl
but a bit angry
A bit done with this world

And every day
whether I am all girl or some bitch or a mixture
I try to explain what
more girl feels like
I try to explain
how some bitch is okay
And how I really need a different word to get
my message across because bitch
is not okay

But sometimes
it’s just tiring, you know
Like, I try to explain
but they’re not really listening
And um, I don’t feel
comfortable around them
for those minutes

It’s like I am
being surrounded by noise
and it’s all mine

it’s like I am standing in their place
with their defense mechanisms
And then, my voice
is like, white noise.


Anisha Drall
Anisha Drall is a high school student living near New Delhi, India. She spends the majority of her time listening to Taylor Swift, reading books, and perusing Tumblr. Her current favourite word is furtive. You can find more of her work at


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