Alyssa Krause: Art Beyond High School


We’ve been hearing the saying “follow your dreams” since we were kids. What did that mean to you then? Becoming a firefighter, astronaut, or actress? As we grew up, these simple ideas of our future became a reality. It’s necessary to choose a career that we are good at, we like, and we get paid for. Many of us are undecided and afraid to make the wrong decision, but not Alyssa Krause.

Alyssa Krause, an 18-year-old from Appleton, WI, has her future planned out. Her artwork has been displayed in the YMCA, showcased in an exhibit in Washington D.C., and awarded an Honorable Mention in an art competition in Milwaukee. One can say that she has a knack for art. With the help of several outstanding art teachers and the support of her friends and family, Alyssa’s passion for art will extend beyond high school.

Choosing the right college is not a piece of cake, especially if you’re planning on attending an art college. Not only is it extremely competitive, but every college says that they have the “best art program.” Alyssa made sure that she researched the campuses and that they had the right art program to help her refine her talent. With a lot of hard work, she has narrowed her choices down to a private art school in Milwaukee, WI, and UW Stout in Menomonie, WI.

Applying for an art college requires more than just your basic application; so, how did the process work for Alyssa? First, she created a portfolio with 15-20 of her best pieces in an application that was transmitted through an online application to all the schools to which she applied. From there, her portfolio was reviewed by a scholarship committee, and the decision was made whether to accept her or not.

Despite her amazing artistic skills, when Alyssa attends college, she will feel that her artwork is being put to the test. The transition from being the best in her hometown to just one of the thousands of artists in college is a huge leap. At times, Alyssa may feel insecure about her artwork, but she will remind herself that the college accepted her because they saw something in her, just like everyone else.

Alyssa will have a career in graphic design, mainly because this area has available jobs. She realizes that not everyone can be the next Picasso and, thus, has made a great decision. Even if graphic design doesn’t work out for Alyssa, she will continue working in the art field. Art is a huge part of her life now, and she could never give that up. Good luck, Alyssa!

Here are a few of Alyssa’s favorite pieces and her explanations of why she likes them the best. You can check out more of Alyssa’a paintings on her website.



“A Fuschia Light in July”

The one I have received the most honor for is my oil painting titled “A Fuchsia Light in July.” This painting is the most special to me because it marks as the pivotal point in the direction of my style.




Attachment-1 (1)
“Self Portrait”

Another one of my favorite pieces is my self portrait. I have heard several times from several people that my attention to detail in this painting is the most notable.




Attachment-1 (2)
“Dew Drops”

My latest piece is created from a picture I took in our garden. At this stage of being an artist, it is a necessity to create from your own photos because it creates more meaning in the piece and becomes more valuable to you. Again, I explored intricate details and texture to develop my own style.




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