“Annie” — Johnnyswim Cover by Alison Brunk and David Vicchiollo

“This Johnnyswim cover is one I did with my friend, David Vicchiollo. As a much more experienced and versatile musician with a concrete grasp on technical aspects of music, David taught me a lot through this cover and other collaborations. When I began my obsession with this band (as I have many others), David immediately loved them too. He suggested, and I agreed, that we should slow our rendition down, which went well with the cool, poorly lit underground bar we filmed in. It was moody and angsty and slightly seductive, much like Johnnyswim themselves.” — Alison Brunk




This cover available for purchase on iTunes here.

Alison Brunk
Alison Brunk: As a singer, I always intended to write songs, but it seems my brain is as defiant as my voice, and poetry came out instead. Now, a poem-writer for 6 months, I still don't know the first thing about proper writing etiquette. I do know that I love words. I love finding words to sing about, and put all over my walls (Finch would be proud), and think much too much about. My other favorites include science fiction, floral everything, spicy foods, Jane Austen, and rereading the same books over and over until the humans around me are worried. Most of all, I love any excuse to give my overactive emotions an outlet because they are bursting all the time, just like me. My day job is teaching tiny, sometimes hellish, mostly perfect children. But, I would love to be Elizabeth Bennet when I grow up. Or Iron Man. Either would be fine.


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