April Writing Challenge

Welcome, Germies, to this month’s writing challenge! This challenge will begin today and will end April 30th. However, you are welcome to come back anytime to complete the challenge and share it below in the comments section. We will pick a few of our favorites that are submitted during this month, though, and they will be featured in our Lit Fiction section.


Writing Challenge:

–Write a short story that’s no longer than 2,000 words.

–Your story must include the following paragraph:

The forest stood before her. She had heard tales of its power and of the strange creatures living within it, but she had never been a believer in those old wives’ tales. And yet… a sudden twisting in her stomach almost made her turn back. No, she thought, I have to do this. And with that, she passed through the wall of fog that always separated the forest from her small village. 


This paragraph preferably appears near the beginning of your story. If you’d like, it can be the very first paragraph. However, the rules do not set in stone where it must be found in your story, so feel free to go where your creativity leads if you have something else in mind.

Here’s a mini brainstorming session to help you get those creative juices flowing:

Why does she “have to do this”? Is she looking for something, for someone? Or is she simply proving to herself and her village that the forest is not to be feared? Are the old wives’ tales true? What are the old wives’ tales? Is the above paragraph itself simply part of an old wives’ tale? Are there magical creatures or magical people to be found in the forest?

This month’s theme is “Fairytales,” so we’re celebrating creativity and imagination. You can’t go wrong!



Submitting for this challenge is easy. Simply email your story to submit@germmagazine.com. Put “April Writing Challenge” as the subject of your email, and include your name, age, and country in the body of your message. If you have any questions at all, or if you’re having problems submitting, feel free to email me at brianabailey@germmagazine.com.

Everyone who completes the challenge will be responded to and informed as to whether or not their piece has been chosen to be featured. Since the deadline for this challenge is April 30th, do not expect an email from us until the beginning of May.

To prevent the possibility of our emails ending up in your spam folder, be sure to add submit@germmagazine.com to your contacts list.

Literary Editor/Copy Editor/Managing Editor Briana Bailey has a passion and appreciation for art, including music, writing, photography, and drawing. Her love for reading is why she wishes to one day copy edit novels. Yes, this means she is one of those people who really likes grammar. No, she is not one of those people who corrects other people's grammar when they talk.  (Don't believe her?  Email her at brianabailey@germmagazine.com.)


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