Ask Max – Dating Age

Q:  Dear Max, What age do you think it’s appropriate to have a boyfriend?


A: In all honesty, that can depend on many variables. If you are doing well in school then maybe around eighth grade, but if you want to be serious about it, then your first year of high school at the very earliest.Until then, however, worry more about your grades without the distraction of dating.

Max Meade loves knowing how things tick – and aspires to be a clock maker and relationship coach. In his free time, he plans to work as an agent in the FBI, a BAU profiler, or an astrophysicist. Max loves anything “nerdy,” like sci-fi, D&D, Pathfinder, MTG, Fable, and much more. He also enjoys reading up on paradoxes, time travel, and psychology. He is known for his offbeat yet surprisingly on-target take on life’s conundrums. Want to know more about why things happen? Ask Max.



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