Awake by Glorienne Broñola

I cannot fathom
how long I have been
Asleep but I was Awake
Deaf but I can hear
Blind but I can see,
see only the colors
Of shadow and purity
Unaware of the shades,
the colors in between
Lost in an inevitable
space of darkness
where voices that I hear
are unknown to my soul
But now my eyes
are open wide
Wider than they ever did
Before when I was Asleep
Now I am Awake
Where a spectrum
Of bright colors
come to life
Coming unto my senses
All the voices
All the melodies
Ah! Such sweet music
For the mind
For the heart
For the soul
I am Awake


Glorienne Broñola
Glorienne Broñola is a 16-year-old arts student from the Philippines. She loves writing and reading books in her spare time. Glorienne has contributed poetry and articles at different platforms on social media and other literary magazines. She has been published in the Germ, Candy Magazine, and Girl Spring digitally. She dreams of becoming a journalist someday and fitting in their fridge.



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