Body Comparison by Shelbie Warner

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Photo courtesy of Natalie Chyi

I compare your freckles to galaxies and your eyes to pools of sapphire.
I compare the dips between your ribs and hip bones to the valleys of Pakistan and the dimples in your back to the craters on the moon.

I compare your entire existence to that of Greek gods and powerful men, because those men hold a place in history the same way you hold a place in my heart.

I compare your cupid’s bow to majestic mountains and your rosy cheeks to blossoms on a spring day.
I compare the curls in your hair to the way a nautilus shell curls over itself, and the way light shines through your chest hair to the way the light shines through our window.

I compare the way you walk to the way a deer runs through a field — magically and gracefully because that’s how you made your way into my life. But the sad part is, that’s the same way you walked out, like a deer running through a field.





Natalie Chyi is an 18-year-old from Hong Kong who has recently moved to London, where she will be studying law for the next three years. She started photography to capture moments and pretty things/people/light/scenes as she sees them, and that idea is what continues to fuel all of her work. Find more of her work on, Facebook, or Tumblr.

Shelbie is a 15-year-old sophomore who finds tranquility in writing and art. (also Netflix and bubble baths.) She hopes to grow up and travel the world, learning about cultures and taking pictures of beautiful sunsets and beautiful people. She also hopes to live a mischievous lifestyle, by never letting anyone tie her down, and living on the open road for as long as possible before starting a career (in art of course).



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