Be Lovely 365

Jill Scott’s short video launches the “Have a Lovely Day” Campaign.  Learn more and get involved at  

Our lovely founder Jennifer shared this lovely:  "There is a little girl in my neighborhood who draws lovely messages on the sidewalks with colorful chalk....

  Steampunk is lovely.

Sandy Matzen found a lovely spot in Reading, UK

Winnie The Pooh is lovely. And this lovely article in the Huffington Post reminds us of fourteen good reasons why....  

The Orion Nebula is lovely.    

Sunset Boulevard's makeup bar Blushington made us lovely.

This man is lovely.

 Christian Bucks, creator of the Buddy Bench, is making it lovely one playground at a time.

Sandra Iannuccilli makes all her clothes herself, and they are lovely. Check out Gypsy Circus.