Collateral Beauty: Finding Hope Where You Least Expect It

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    Love, death, and time, all things Howard cannot seem to understand. After losing his daughter to sickness, all of the hope and beauty in his life has seemed to disappear. Losing interest at work and at a loss for words, Howard goes on an epic and stunning journey of grace and redemption to find the collateral beauty in the darkest and most tragic of times. Released on December 16th, Collateral Beauty exposes the tragedy in life, the power of friendship, and the difficulty of moving on after loss.

    The film begins with a group of friends who work for Howard and see the downward fall of his life after the loss of his daughter. With their business going into chaos and with Howard’s denial of reality, they take it upon themselves to help him face his three greatest challenges: love, death, and time — the three entities he continually writes letters to. When Whit, Howard’s business partner and friend, comes across three actors who are down on their luck, he discovers a plan that might just save their business and help Howard to move on; he brings the three confusing elements of Howard’s existence to life in order to help him deal with the tragedy he cannot seem to overcome. A searing and emotional story about the necessity of love and the fallout from the death of a child, Collateral Beauty will leave audiences cheering and simultaneously grabbing for the tissue box.

    According to Rotten Tomatoes, the film received a low score of 14%, which is completely unfair in my opinion. Will Smith delivered one of the most spectacular performances of the year, bringing the pain and suffering of a parent who has lost a child to the big screen. Also, the overall writing in the film was extremely impactful, humorous, and very heart-warming, making it a perfect film for families to enjoy during the holiday season. The embodiment of love, death, and time was incredible to see, bringing to life the beauty and tragedy that comes with each. Told with brutal honesty and an all-star cast, Collateral Beauty may not have been a success with the critics, but it can definitely win the hearts of viewers of all ages.

    Howard wants his daughter back so badly that he is willing to give up everything. But when love, death, and time give you a personal visit, is it possible to move on? Collateral Beauty sums up what every good movie should include: an impactful story, characters that touch the hearts of audiences, and an ending that is impossible to forget. This latest Will Smith tear-jerker definitely delivers all three and more. Discover the significance of restoration and love this holiday, and follow Howard as he faces the truth and discovers that beauty is everywhere — but sometimes it lies in the most unexpected of places.

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