Dads Watch Footage of Their Daughters Being Catcalled

The Scene secretly filmed 3 women for a day as they walked through New York City. Then, they sat the women down with their fathers and showed them the footage. Most men, fathers included, don’t realize the extent of catcalling, and they don’t realize how common it is — especially in large, busy cities. Seeing someone they know — their baby girls, nonetheless — definitely gave these fathers a different perspective and gave them a peak at their daughters’ daily annoyance.

Each father reacts a bit differently, but all 3 are clearly unhappy, and the word “respect” is repeated throughout. When the first father asks his daughter how often that happens, he adds, “Obviously they don’t say that when you and I are walking down the street. I didn’t hear any of that on the way hear — or see any of that.” His daughter responds that it’s “usually an everyday thing,” and he clearly looks uncomfortable with that fact, trying to take it all in.

The 3rd father surprised me because he seems okay with the first comments his daughter received — responding with: “You are very nice; there’s no problem there.” However, when a man begins following her for a few minutes, her father becomes less and less happy with what he’s seeing.

The hard truth is that catcalling is something that fathers can’t protect their daughters from; they can’t walk with them every single day to stop the men who shout rudely, who try to start up conversations, and who even follow them.

This is why so many are dedicated to spreading awareness — to spreading the message that catcalling is NOT okay. Fathers everywhere can’t single-handedly shield their daughters from this. We all must take part and take a stand. Catcalling is not “normal,” and it makes women feel unsafe, not “flattered.”

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