Dear 16-Year-Old Me: It Gets Better

Dear 16-year-old me,


The sole purpose of this letter is to assure you that it gets better. I promise.

I know that right now, at this exact moment — just turning 16 only a few days ago — may seem like the worst time of your life. Well, with all that has happened in just these past couple of days and all, I can understand why you might think it will never get better.

Having your heart broken is a bitch. Your first love breaking your heart is a bitch. Actually, your first love, he is a bitch. I don’t want to give away too much about the future, but… your second love, well, that is just so much better than the first.

It gets better.

I promise, you can pick up the pieces of your heart and recover. Don’t push your friends and family away right now; they really want to be there for you. As a matter of fact, Katie brings you chocolate chip cookies. THAT’S A TRUE FRIEND!

This isn’t the end of the world, although I know you think it is right now.  I know it hurts. Let it out. Cry. Scream. Break something! But just remember: It gets better. Always remember that.

You might not believe me, but this “tragedy” of a break-up has a huge effect on you.

This is the point in your life when you finally start to stick up for yourself. No boy will ever lay a hand on you in an aggressive way ever again! This is when you become who you are today: A strong woman who doesn’t take shit from anybody.

You don’t have to impress anybody; you don’t have to drink or smoke to fit in.


I can’t express that enough. Love everything about yourself. Don’t ever get down because you don’t think you’re “thin” enough; it’s so overrated.

You will love again, and, darling, it will be the real deal.

And remember: It gets better.


Brittany Cole
Brittany Cole is from Michigan, and she loves writing, her husband Howie, making people laugh, wearing gym shorts all year long, and baby pigs. You can always find her with a book in her hands, or she's cracking jokes to make everyone around her laugh. She loves making people feel comfortable and loves to just relax and have a good time.



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