DIY: Paper Map Lamps


I love paper maps. They suggest travel and show us places outside of our own circle. I think that they have their own sort of beauty, and I love to see them used in unconventional ways. For a while, I have been interested in doing a DIY involving paper maps, but I have been struggling to find the right one. The other day I came across a concept that was both visually interesting and easy to construct…

Paper map lamps! These lamps look really interesting and are super easy to make. You do not even need to have a particularly artistic eye to make one. If you can cut paper, you should be able to do this.


  • lamp with a paper shade
  • paper map
  • scissors
  • tape or hot glue


Step 1:

Choose a map that appeals to you. Perhaps use one of your city or a place you would like to visit. Spread the map out so you can begin cutting circles. Cutting a circle freehand is very difficult, so I would recommend tracing circle shapes using a drinking glass before cutting.

Step 2:

Look at the size of your lamp. Line up circles so that they will be long enough to cover a particular side or wrap around the entire lamp.

Step 3:IMG_2993

If you decide to use tape: attach the tops of the circles together with tape so that they stay in a row. Then attach your rows to your lamp. Start at the bottom and layer upwards.

If you decide to use glue: Start at the bottom of the lamp, gluing the tops of the circles to it.The circles should line up in rows next to each other. Continue gluing each individual circle, slightly layering each one as you move upwards.


Chameli Belk-Gupta is a California girl who finds herself living in Texas. She is currently in high school and very involved in her school’s theatre troop. Chameli learned to read in first grade on a road trip and has not stopped reading since. She reads everything from Jane Austen to Archie comics. She only ever orders vanilla ice cream and can’t stand chocolate. Chameli loves old movies, vintage clothing, music and travel. Her only fears are buttons and minnows.



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