Don’t Allow PMS to Conquer Your Life!

    The female body goes through many physical changes during a woman’s lifetime. Women at any age may come across the hormonal changes that affect not only her physical state, but her mental well-being. One of the most discussed hormonal-change problems faced by women is PMS. PMS is the short form of Premenstrual Syndrome, which is usually experienced by women before every menstrual cycle. About 75% of women around the world face the symptoms of PMS, but the severity of symptoms may differ. PMS has been a frequent topic discussed in female gatherings and has been the brunt of funny jokes, but the actual problem is the opposite of funny. The symptoms of PMS may not be long-lasting and life-threatening, but they can definitely bring your life to a halt for several days. It’s a serious problem for women who experience severe symptoms of PMS.

    What Is PMS?

    PMS is the syndrome that is experienced by women before their menstrual cycle. This often results in irritation, depression, and frequent mood swings. The hormonal changes in the female body during each menstrual cycle may lead to serious symptoms over time. The fluctuation of progesterone and estrogen levels is considered to be the primary reason, but the exact cause is unknown.

    Treating PMS Naturally

    If you don’t want PMS to affect your life adversely, then you need to take control, and that can be done naturally. All you have to do is introduce certain lifestyle changes and include some natural foods in your daily meals. The following are some easy-to-administer natural remedies for overcoming the symptoms of PMS:

    1. Sweat it out – If you feel bloated, sometimes all you can do is sweat it out. Exercise regularly at least five days a week to regularize your menstrual cycle and combat PMS. Exercise will release happy hormones called endorphins in your body, and this will go a long way in fighting depression resulting from PMS.

    2. Eat Right – Bloating is the common symptom of PMS and is sometimes accompanied by a loss of appetite. Some ladies may face issues of constipation or diarrhea, too. All these issues related to digestive disorder may be experienced for 4 to 5 days. Eating right and light should ease these symptoms greatly. You should cut down on salt, fried foods, alcohol, and caffeine for a few days before your menstrual period, as this will help the discomforting symptoms.

    3. Evening Primrose Oil – Doctors recommend this oil in the form of a supplement. Three to four grams of this oil have proved to be effective in treating breast tenderness and frequent mood swings.

    4. Vitamins – The female body undergoes changes while preparing for the menstrual cycle, especially since heavy blood loss is part of the process. The symptoms of pain and depression can sometimes result from a lack of vitamins. You may help your body meet its daily vitamin requirement either by having a vitamin-rich diet or by simply taking the supplements as recommended by your medical practitioner. The essential supplements for PMS are magnesium, vitamin B6, vitamin E, and calcium. The dosage would be decided by your doctor based on your body’s need.

    5. Chaste berry – There’s historical evidence of chaste berry being used by women to treat period symptoms. If you can’t get chaste berry where you live, then take the supplements that are made out of chaste berry extract, which you can find in pill form.

    6. Make up for the lost sleep – If your PMS symptoms include sleeping disorder and fatigue, then you might be compromising your sleep. To make up for lost sleep, just go to bed early or take a quick nap in the daytime and see how fresh you feel. Listen to your body when it needs rest.

    Overall, it’s important to take PMS seriously and to do whatever you can to ward off any unwanted irritation, pain, and depression. Don’t let PMS conquer your life and relationships!





    Dr. Manasa Hebbar is a post-graduate in Dravyaguna stream of Ayurvedic Medical Sciences. She is currently a professor at Ashwini Ayurvedic Medical & Research Centre in Tumakuru, Karnataka.

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