Dream by Julia Nunnally Duncan

In my dream
she is a baby still,
cradled in my arms,
sheltered from any harm
that might come her way.
As I hold her,
she looks up at me,
and I can see
she feels the depth of my love—
never wavering,
ever constant.
But in reality,
she is twenty now
and has left me behind
to find a life,
a purpose of her own.
And I am left to dream,
as mothers do,
of a time when I was her world
and she was mine.


Julia Nunnally Duncan
Julia Nunnally Duncan's most recent book is a poetry collection, A Neighborhood Changes, released by Finishing Line Press in 2018. Her eleventh book, A Journey in Words: New and Collected Works, is forthcoming from Red Dirt Press in 2019. She lives with her husband Steve in Marion, NC, and they enjoy visits from their daughter, Annie, a college junior.



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