Everlasting Love by Vegas Stocker

As his lips move from my forehead to my neck, all I can think about is how much my love for him is growing. It excites me in a new way, like anything could happen and that I have lost control. For once, not being in control does not bother me because I know he will not hurt me, not willingly. You can see it in his eyes how badly he wants, needs, to be loved. I am not sure that anyone has ever cared for him like I do and that leaves my stomach feeling dark and empty. He, of all people, should have an everlasting love. So pure and lovely, he is everything; from now until the end of time.




Vegas Stocker
Vegas Stocker is a 15-year-old living in the small town of Iola, Wisconsin. The alarming summer of 2016 turned her life around. She took the unsureness of herself, mixed with the post-traumatic stress of her past, and put it into words, writing stories of her experiences, good or bad. She hopes to inspire others by letting them know that their past does not define them or their worth.



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