Final Note by Samantha Turner

spilled notebook

Here I am again. All alone again.

Don’t know why I even bother.

I’ve thrown the towel in, once or twice before.

Now I don’t know if I can take it anymore.

Cause I’ve tried so many times.



Each and every time, my thoughts get out of line.

Here I am again. I’m my own best friend,

And worst enemy,


I’ve been reaching out,

But too scared to shout.

It’s the last of me you’ll see.

It’s the final note from me.


In my final days, I had a lot to say,

But I was scared you wouldn’t listen.

The words that I choked back,

The times I held my breath,

Won’t give me rest until I find my rest in death.

Still I tried so many times




And all those times I thought you were my friends.

And how you turned your back on me when I met my end.

And those tears you cried, were they even real?

It’s your actions not your words that show how you truly feel.



When you hear this, think of me.

Cause it’s the final note from me.



Lyrics by Samantha Turner, in honor of a friend in high school who committed suicide because of bullying.

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