For All the Broken Hearts Out There

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When your heart breaks, it is as if there is no vivid coloring that is present at that moment. Everything fades to black. A meteorite might hit planet Earth, yet all you can feel is the pain, the melancholy, the wetness on your cheeks.

And trust me when I say that I know what it feels like.

The heavy showers are my tears, the thunder is the sound of my breaking, the lightning is the representation of the cracks he gave to my heart.

So beautiful. So terrifying. I know there is a reason why I love storms.

It’s hard to accept the fact of what he can do to your heart: Either he’ll never know it, will never claim it again, will never notice it, or will play with it. And, at least one of the items above, you have experienced it.

You could sing “Forget About Me” at the top of your lungs, cry your heart out, feel the melancholy seeping through your bones, but nothing could change the fact that he will never come back.

They say you have to “Stay strong and move on.” It’s not easy. It’s very hard — especially if you consider the intensity of feelings you have invested in that person. But, it’s not impossible.

Loving someone is already a risk — a risk because you don’t know how the other person will react, what could change, and you are giving them the power to hurt you. They have the advantage in the situation. You are just the mere optimist who believes they are a good person who will not tamper with your fragile heart that you’re offering to them. But when they do break your heart, it’s like the end of the world. It’s okay to cry your heart out. What is not okay is pretending to be strong when your inside is in emotional turmoil.

Cry. Eat chocolates, ice cream, do stress eating, watch funny movies, play video games, read books, realize that he’s really just not that into you. Do all of that. He was just one of the many stop signs. He was part of the road that God made for you in order to find the right person. He was just a chance encounter in order for you to learn a lesson: that the right person wouldn’t treat you the way he did, and how you would, in turn, take care of them.

So please, don’t lose hope. Everything happens at His time, and all of the things that are happening, I know you’ll look back at it one day and smile because it taught you a lesson, a thing or two about love and life. Even the person who broke your heart — you’ll remember him as the person who made you stronger, taught you that you are worthy of being loved by the person who could really see you. They can’t break and hurt you if you haven’t truly loved, and that’s a good thing. Because it means you are selfless and capable of loving people despite their flaws and mistakes, and you’re capable of forgiving them even if they don’t deserve it.

I promise you, it will pass. Let your heart heal so it can bounce back to the way it used to be, only stronger and better: ready to be held and cherished by the right person.




Franczesca Dela CruzFranczesca Dela Cruz is a an 18-year-old BS Psychology student who is half enigma, half open book. She likes writing, Tumblr, cosplay, and is fond of furry creatures. You can contact her here at, where she shares rainbows and shows off her INFP personality.

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