Galaxy by Rita Smith

I don’t want to just “date” him. I want to crack open his soul and extract every nightmare, daydream, and aspiration he has ever had. I want to soak in his desires and have them consume me and be everything he has ever wanted. I want the flame to burn us alive in catastrophic beauty. I want the galaxies to be jealous of our love and want to cut pieces of our existence as two and merge it into one being and drown the stars. I want him to love my body, heart, and spirit. I want him to taste every bit of me from my eyes, lips to my fingertips. I want to impact him so tremendously that if there ever were a chance in hell that we should ever break apart– he shall never fully connect to another human being because when he gave his heart to me, it was forever mine. I don’t just want to be with him; I want to love him eternally, perfectly and never let him go.


Rita Smith
Rita Smith is a model, writer, and aspiring actress based out of Atlanta, Georgia. Her style is best described as aphotic, romantic, and alluring. Her inspirations stem from talents such as British singer-songwriter Sampha, dystopian surrealist painter Zdzsisław Beksiński, and 18th century drama writer Oscar Wilde.



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