Game Night by Jasmina Kuenzli

Let’s play a game
Call it: tag
Call it–I’ll chase you
Now you chase me
Call it–my hand reaching for yours
As you run away
Tag, you’re it

Let’s play a game
Call it: Truth or Dare
Truth–the simplest of questions
You still haven’t answered
Dare–I dare you
To do something about it

Let’s play a game
Call it: Red Light, Green Light
Call it–your hand brushes mine
Switched to a barely there goodbye
No yellow.
Call it–I swear you want to kiss me
You won’t even look at me

Let’s play a game
Call it: Sorry
Call it–sorry I knocked you off
Our friendship route
Call it– sorry when I talk to you
My heart leaps ten places forward

Sorry that I still think we can win
No matter how many times
I’m crashed back to start



Jasmina Kuenzli
Jasmina Kuenzli holds a B.A. in History and English from Texas A&M University, where she is currently pursuing a Master of Arts in English. More of Jasmina's poetry (as well as excerpts from her novels and short stories) can be found on her tumblr,



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