Germ Beauty Picks: January

    Finding quality and affordable makeup, clothes, and styling tools is a chore and sometimes a scavenger hunt, so when I find products I love, my first reaction is to tell everyone I know! So here we go: These are this month’s beauty picks. Hope you like them as much as I do.


    elf mascarae.l.f. Volume Plumping Mascara

    e.l.f., in my opinion, is an underrated product as far as not being advertised in magazines or online; but, according to the shelves in various Targets around my neighborhood, people love E.L.F. and how affordable it is. This mascara with its penny pinching price does what it says. It “plumps” your lashes up to at least double their size and leaves them feeling light and flexible (there is nothing worse than sticky or crumbly feeling lashes). With this product, you can throw away your eyelash curlers; with a couple of coats, you get fully lifted lashes without damaging them. This mascara is definitely a winner, and it can be found at Target for only $3!


    Black Circle Skirt

    amanda skirt

    Now, having staple pieces of clothing in your closet keeps you from scrounging around trying to figure out what top looks good with what skirt. These said staples look good paired with anything, saving you time (and your sanity). My go-to staple and the Style Beauty pick for the month is a plain black circle skirt, also known as a skater skirt.

    This skirt pairs with anything and everything; from sneakers to heels, hoodies to leather jackets, or crop tops to sweaters, this skirt opens up so many opportunities within your existing wardrobe. It’s a must have for any season or style! I also found this at Target for $12!

    Germ's resident Beauty Consultant, Amanda Alcala, has a great love for the fashion and makeup world, though these are not her only passions in life. When she is not working or sleeping, she is slowly but surely working towards becoming a floral decorator, an amateur drummer, and honing her skills as a painter. She tries to never leave the house without a book, but she can never choose just one, so her car is filled with books and spare outfits (you can never be sure when you’ll need a costume change). Her friends are her family, and she is so thrilled to be working alongside them and the rest of the incredible Germ staff! She can be reached at


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