Germ Beauty Picks: April

    Hey, Germies.

    Here are my April beauty picks just for you!


    e.l.f. Make-up Mist & Set

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    This mist is how I keep my make-up on throughout the day; I would be so lost and splotchy without it! It works with liquid make-up as well as powder. After you apply your face make-up, hold the bottle about 6″ away from your face to get a nice mist effect. The refreshing spritz keeps your make-up from falling off your face and helps it to last longer. This mist is infused with Aloe, Green Tea, Cucumber, and Vitamins A, C, & E. You can also use it as a primer: just spray your face, let it dry a little, and while your face is slightly damp, take a clean make-up brush or sponge and apply your make-up as normal.  Its an easy way to make sure your face looks the same from morning ’til night!


    KMS California: Hair Play Salt Spray

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    Okay, so I recently chopped my hair off, and I found this spray while looking for a product that allows me to wear my hair naturally without all the poof. This sea salt spray gives you a tousled look without frizz or too much volume.  Spray this into your towel-dried hair and let it air-dry, and it’ll give you the look of beachy waves. If you want max volume and fullness, you can blow dry your hair (I personally don’t like too much volume, but to each her own).  What I do is spray the product lightly all over my damp hair and let it air-dry while running my fingers through it, so I still have slight waves but with less fullness and volume. The finish on this spray is matte, so you hair won’t look oily or greasy. It also happens to smell pretty good (Bonus!).

    Germ's resident Beauty Consultant, Amanda Alcala, has a great love for the fashion and makeup world, though these are not her only passions in life. When she is not working or sleeping, she is slowly but surely working towards becoming a floral decorator, an amateur drummer, and honing her skills as a painter. She tries to never leave the house without a book, but she can never choose just one, so her car is filled with books and spare outfits (you can never be sure when you’ll need a costume change). Her friends are her family, and she is so thrilled to be working alongside them and the rest of the incredible Germ staff! She can be reached at


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