Germ Beauty Picks: August

    Hey, Germies!
    Here are my beauty picks for August. These have become lifesavers in my everyday style routine, and I hope you consider them for yours!

    Bite Luminous Creme Lipstick in Apricot

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    I’ve had this lipstick for about a year now, and it was one of the best purchases I’ve made. When I first put it on, it looked so orange I thought I had made a mistake. But, when I reapplied it with a lighter hand, I found it had shades of coral and pink in it as well as an orangey tint. Another thing about this lipstick is that it feels more like a chap stick, so after wearing it my lips feel nourished and cared for. I’m usually not a fan of high gloss lipstick (this one is semi glossy), but I can make an exception for this one. If you find yourself not liking the amount of shine, though,  a setting powder can always be used to create more of a matte look for any lipstick you own.


    Not Your Mother’s: Clean Freak refreshing dry shampoo

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    I never understood the concept of dry shampoo until I was forbidden to wash my hair by my hair stylist. Well, not forbidden, maybe more like advised against, strongly suggested; you get the picture (I just dyed my hair pink, so she wants the color to last). So my search for a dry shampoo began. Walking down the aisle in the store, I kept seeing bottles and cans claiming that their product was the best in its class; but, for me, they all left too much residue, and their scent was too heavy. The smell wasn’t bad; it was just sitting on top of unwashed hair, so it wasn’t the greatest thing to smell all day. Anyway, I came across Not Your Mother’s and sprayed a little, and it didn’t really smell like anything! I was so excited! I took it home to try it out, and it works like a charm. Yes, nothing is going to get all the oil out of your hair the way shampoo does, but this is the next best thing. Just spray the product over your roots, concentrating on the parts of your scalp that produce the most oil (for me, it’s the crown of my head). After you spray, brush your hair to disperse the excess powder, and you’re  good to go!


    Germ's resident Beauty Consultant, Amanda Alcala, has a great love for the fashion and makeup world, though these are not her only passions in life. When she is not working or sleeping, she is slowly but surely working towards becoming a floral decorator, an amateur drummer, and honing her skills as a painter. She tries to never leave the house without a book, but she can never choose just one, so her car is filled with books and spare outfits (you can never be sure when you’ll need a costume change). Her friends are her family, and she is so thrilled to be working alongside them and the rest of the incredible Germ staff! She can be reached at


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