Getting Noticed

Q: Dear Annalise, I really like this guy at school and we talk sometimes but I don’t think he really notices me. I’m beginning to feel invisible. Is there any way to make him notice me?

A: We all wish there was a magic spell you could cast on a boy to make him notice you. Sadly, with all the new and upcoming efforts in science, that has not yet made it to the top of the list. It doesn’t work with every boy, but I can give you a few tips.


Next time you talk to him, find out some things he (let’s call him Ryan) likes. Maybe you and Ryan both really love UNC basketball. Once you find things that you guys have in common, it may be more likely for him to open his eyes and see that you are the one. Do not try to drop subliminal hints because trust me– a guy does not know that when you say you’re looking forward to the Hunger Games movie, what you mean is he should ask you to go with him. Also pay attention to how Ryan acts when you talk to him.  If he gets distracted or starts talking to someone else in the middle of your conversation, he really isn’t worth your time. On the same point, don’t try the hard-to-get mess by flaunting other boys in his face or by ignoring him.  Smile, say hi, and connect. That’s the best thing you could ever do.

When Annalise von Sprecken is trying her hardest to not flunk out of Algebra II and her freshman year in high school, she is dreaming of the beach, baking more food than anyone should ever consume, and writing. She loves clothing, music, Vampire Diaries, and boys. When she eventually graduates, Annalise hopes to be a princess or maybe a pop star.  You never know. Until then she puts most of her hard work into Instagram and school. Feel free to ask her questions at Ask Annalise (


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