Guest Mix: Nostalgically Warmer Weather

    Germ Guest Mix Tape

    Good day, Germs. Today, I have something very special for all of you! One of my very good (and incredibly gifted) friends, Jess Lissenden,  has been kind enough to make a playlist for Germ! When asked about her inspiration for this beautiful compilation, she had this to say:

     “After a long winter, the day has finally come for golden skin that is warm to the touch, the sweet smell of rain and rain-greened things, and the drone hum of lawn mowers in the distance.
    The cover art for “Nostalgically Warmer Weather” is my own drawing from an ongoing series called ‘Meticulous Things.’
    Happy Listening!”
    I hope you all enjoy! If you are interested in having your mix featured, please feel free to email me at!
    Briana is a tenacious young twenty-something who owns far too many scarves than is technically appropriate for the sunny climate of her hometown. She is the Associate Editor and Senior Writer for Germ Magazine, contributing mostly book reviews and playlists, and dabbling in just about anything else that catches her fancy.


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