Have You? by Courtney Williams

Have you ever loved someone
More than you could fathom
Have you ever just wanted to run
And get away from everything you could imagine
Have you ever wanted to spill your heart to them completely
And portray your love ever so sweetly
Have you ever wanted to close your eyes and go back to the very first time
When your heart skipped a beat and your emotions began to climb
Have you ever felt you cared about someone too much
In return, they didn’t care about you enough
Have you ever felt any of these feelings I’m feeling
Like you don’t matter and you’re not appealing
If this speaks to you as it does to me
Let yourself go and set your heart free



Courtney Williams
Courtney Williams is a full-time employee, crochet addict, driven writer, habitual reader, loving wife, and dedicated mother to her dog-child, Abby. She began working at the age of fourteen in order to provide for herself and her mother. Her mother suffered from addiction and abuse, which inspired most all of Courtney's writing. Her writing began at the early age of twelve due to the given circumstances with her mother. Reading and writing was Courtney's way of escape to express her feelings. Crocheting, spending time with her husband, and Abby also bring Courtney to a serene mindset, allowing her feelings and thoughts to flow freely. She continues writing while making improvements and has a strong desire to seek future publishing offers.



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