Heroes by Jasmina Kuenzli

I am Athena, silver eyed and daring,
My battle already won.
Dancing in my enemies’ blood
And I don’t need you

I don’t need you, but–
I am Aphrodite, who kindles love’s fire
And I can set any man ablaze
But for you I burn.

I am Artemis, whose former lover shines in the sky
Out of her way
I don’t have time for you
But you’re glowing in the dark

I am Helen of Troy, the catalyst
I bring armies to heel with a turn of my head
With a touch I launch a thousand ships
But you bring me to my knees

I am Persephone, with roses curling off the edge of my hand
And I require no flowers from you
But a look from you melts dewdrops
On my tongue

And I know that I don’t need you
But I am yours



Jasmina Kuenzli
Jasmina Kuenzli holds a B.A. in History and English from Texas A&M University, where she is currently pursuing a Master of Arts in English. More of Jasmina's poetry (as well as excerpts from her novels and short stories) can be found on her tumblr, jasminawritespoetry.tumblr.com.


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