Lit, Lit Poetry

Homecoming by Jessie Carty

We shared books that summerLandscape

and conversation.

What would it have been like

to repair and then sail a boat?


We discussed the underlying

themes, wondering


what we would salvage

if we could.


And yet, I spent so much

of that summer pitying myself

for being stuck in a trailer

while my friends were away


at camps, Governor’s school,

or working jobs


to pay for nights at the movies

and cars. I had a bike

my step-father bought me,

easy access to the library,


and a mother who loved to read.

Why couldn’t I know, then,


that those things

were gloriously enough.



20130913_083930Jessie Carty’s writing has appeared in publications such as MARGIE, decomP and Connotation Press. She is the author of six poetry collections which include the chapbook An Amateur Marriage (Finishing Line, 2012), which was a finalist for the 2011 Robert Watson Prize. Her newest collection, Morph, was published by Sibling Rivalry Press in the fall of 2013. Jessie is a freelance writer, teacher, and editor. She can be found around the web, especially here.