I got CPR Certified (And You Should Too)

A few days ago I decided to take a CPR re-certification course at my local Fire Department with a couple of friends.
Although this was the third time that I’ve taken some form of CPR training (I’m not messing around), I was still able to take away new knowledge — like if someone rolls their ankle, you should put a bag of ice water wrapped in a towel around it (which will probably, definitely come in handy at some point, so you’re welcome).

I learned about the differences between child and adult CPR, and we went over first aid for little things (cuts and bug bites) as well as first aid for the scary stuff (frostbite and heat stroke). Given how insane the weather can get here in Wisconsin, knowing how to deal with severe heat and cold-related medical emergencies gives me great peace of mind. Also, considering how many people in my family have heart-related issues, I am really glad that I know how to give chest compressions and mouth-to-mouth resuscitation if one of their pacemakers fails to work.

These are skills that I will hopefully never have to use, but I feel much safer now that I know what to do in case of an emergency. It’s always good to be able to help someone in need. I highly encourage all of you to seriously consider doing this because it’s honestly so important. For American readers, the American Heart Association has a place on their website to search for a CPR course in your city, so check that out.

You can take away so much by just giving up a few hours of your time, and at the end of the day, it could end up saving a life.

Olivia Bohnsack is an assistant martial arts instuctor, and she’s been training for six years. She is currently working on getting her first degree black belt. Because math and science are her favorite subjects, she hopes to work in the medical field someday. She enjoys playing tennis, running track, practicing martial arts, and spending time with her family and friends. Music plays an important role in her life. Whether it’s playing the drums, belting out her favorite songs, or listening to Vampire Weekend, there’s always music involved. She’s your typical fun-loving, studious, empathetic teenager so feel free to ask her questions! Email her at 6bohnsack@arrowheadschools.org.


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