In celebrating her latest novel, Holding Up the Universe, our lovely founder Jennifer Niven held a giveaway that encouraged readers to use the hashtag #IAmWanted and to share a post filled with things that make you or someone you love wonderful, amazing, and irreplaceable.

The response was overwhelming and truly incredible, so we wanted to keep it going! Below, you will find a new post every day from the hashtag on Instagram, so keep checking back. If you’d like your post to be featured, be sure to tag @germmagazine in your photo.

Thanks for making it lovely! And remember: You are loved, and you are wanted. Show it off!

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[random photo, I'm being nice in the cap so read if you want to her my nice-ness (and comment something else to spread this nice-ness around) if not, feel free to ignore] #IAmWanted #HoldingUpTheUniverse @jenniferniven okay so, there's this girl, who came into my life about 5 months ago, and changed me for the better. Most of you know her as simply @thegoldensnidget, or sunny, but I know her as a great friend. sunny, thankyou so so much for sending me a message when I was first starting out on this acc, and for sticking with me until now, you have literally changed my life. before meeting you, I was unconfident, kinda awkward, and I never ever knew how to talk to someone easily, about anything. basically, I've never had anyone to safely call a "best friend" before now. I've had many close friends, but I've never, ever had just one person who I was best friends with, and they were best friends with me (which sounds incredibly childish, but it's sadly true). thankyou for sticking with me (even though I am THE most annoying person in the world) and helping me through boys and books and (probably mostly) listening to me preaching about Shawn, and winging about my lack of friends irl. you are the nicest, kindest, funniest and most caring girl I have ever had the pleasure of talking to, I am glad to call you my best friend and I sincerely hope you can think the same way about me, you've helped me through more than you realise and yeah, you're great, so thankyou, love from Jennifer ❤️❤️❤️ p.s. keep being an insanely good swimmer, get to those olympics in 2020, swim your way to my house, do whatever you want to do, I know you can achieve it :)) so yeah, feel free to tag someone in this and do your own speech of praise, if not, just go with this, I'm not that weird I promise

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