Ki Hong Lee from ‘Maze Runner’ Talks Racism in Media for the #IAm Campaign

You may know Korean-American actor Ki Hong Lee as Minho from Maze Runner or as Dong from Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. The extremely likable 28-year-old is also the latest feature in a series of interviews with Asian-American and Pacific Islander artists, talking on race and the entertainment industry. In this #IAm interview, Lee touches on his experiences of being an Asian male in the entertainment industry and the influences that pushed him to become who he is today.

The #IAm campaign is being generated by CAPE, the Coalition of Asian Pacifics in Entertainment, which champions diversity by educating, connecting, and empowering Asian-American and Pacific Islander artists and leaders in entertainment and media. This organization and campaign is so important because the Asian-American and Pacific Islander demographic is one that is seriously underutilized and misrepresented throughout Western media. It’s through honest, open dialogue like this that we will bring change and diversity to the entertainment industry.

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