Killer Storm: A Fun Ride but Little Substance

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    In Matt Dickinson’s latest release, Killer Storm, thrill seeker Ryan Hart goes on one of his greatest adventures yet. Dickinson continues his Everest Files Trilogy by taking Ryan and his companions to the exotic land of Nepal, where they have to face off with lightning storms, terrorism, and deadly weather.

    With the chance to explore Everest, Ryan sees nothing but an opportunity to scale one of his favorite mountains and to take an adventure with his friends in Nepal. But what he doesn’t foresee is their altercation with a band of criminals, run by the notorious Viking, who is ruthless and entirely evil. Now stuck on the mountain and braving the dangers of both the weather and Everest, Ryan and his friends must strive to survive and go to far lengths to stop Viking and her followers from reeking havoc all over Nepal.

    Killer Storm was action-packed, intense, and intriguing in regard to the culture of Nepal and the climbing that the teens accomplish, but to me, the characters feel completely flat. While reading, I found myself fascinated with the events that occurred but had no real connection to any of the many characters presented over the course of the novel. I think added characterization would have made the story flow so much better and would have made many of the intense and gripping sequences much more enjoyable and exciting.

    Although the characters fell flat, I found that the plot was actually very well structured and that the overall idea of the novel was something that I enjoyed. As an avid reader of violent and action-packed stories for teens, I thought the explosions on the mount, the lighting storms, and the overall intensity of the plot made me keep reading, despite my concerns. While Killer Storm does not stand out to me as a fantastic read, the story was overall enjoyable, and the action sequences are sure to please readers.

    From the beauty of Nepal to the chaos of the mountain, Killer Storm gives audiences a variety of material that teens are sure to enjoy. While obviously missing some crucial elements of success, the story is still one that can be enjoyed and is entertaining to say the least. For anyone seeking a read involving adventure or tense and dangerous situations, Killer Storm is sure to be fitting and is guaranteed to keep readers engaged from start to finish. Dickinson proves his ability to captivate audiences and portray gripping scenes that are impossible to put down.

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