Krysten Ritter: Jessica Jones Star Turned Author

    “Memories are like fire, and only need a little oxygen to grow.” —Bonfire, Krysten Ritter

    On November 17th I had the chance to meet Krysten Ritter, star of the Netflix original Marvel series Jessica Jones. With the release of her new Adult thriller, Bonfire, fans of all ages were able to gather at Barnes and Noble at the Grove in Los Angeles and meet Ritter, arms loaded down with copies of her debut novel, posters, DVDs, and pop figures.

    Bonfire tells the story of Abby Williams, a lawyer who returns to the town she grew up in — a place full of devious teens, broken parents, and dark secrets. Having to research and investigate the mysterious new company monopolizing the town, Abby must confront the secrets she holds deep inside and come to terms with the horrors she never could have imagined emerging from her childhood.

    Getting to meet Krysten Ritter was an incredible experience. From the long lines to the early arrival times to get tickets, this book signing was highly anticipated to say the least. But the experience was fantastic, and getting to bond and socialize with other Marvel and book nerds was so much fun. Not only was it exciting enough to get my copy signed, but I also got to discuss the book briefly with Ritter and even got a high five from “Jessica Jones.”

    Rarely do celebrities write compelling, jaw-dropping stories, let alone on their own, but Ritter delivers a thriller that is professional, frightening, complex, and completely absorbing. Her characters are flawed yet relatable, and her setting is eerie and perfect for fans of small town dramas. With the past coming back to life and the return of hard memories, Abby Williams is presented with one issue as she merges back in time: Can you ever really escape your past?

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