Life on Mars?

A tenfold spike in methane has been measured by the Curiosity rover on Mars, and organic molecules have also been discovered. Now the question is: Are these organics biological or non-biological?

All that methane can only mean one thing, in my mind: Martian cows. But I could be wrong.  What do you think?


Jason M. Vaughn earned a degree in Painting from KU, back in a majestic time called “the nineties.” In response to certain life events, he then drifted away from visual art—something he’d practiced since toddlerhood—and found himself addicted to books. Writing naturally followed. He’s published numerous poems and short stories, and his first feature-length screenplay,The Synth House Wife, won the 2012 Script Pipeline Competition. He is working now on a science-fiction book called Cerulean, which will hopefully CHANGE THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT…or at least be a good read.


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