How to Look Stylish on Rainy Days

    Rainy days are simply the worst, especially when having to leave the comfort of your home. Many times, however, you will not be able to just relax on your couch and binge-watch Netflix while occasionally observing the poor weather outside. Here are some essential tips for you to face the rainy day ahead without sacrificing your best style choices.

    Rock the Rain Boots

    Although they may not be your first shoe choice, rain boots are a must. Believe it or not, you can look trendy and protect your feet from massive puddles at the same time. Hunter boots, despite the fact that they are a bit pricey, are versatile and match any outfit. You can also find adorable printed rain boots when going for a more unique look.

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    Boot Socks > Everything Else

    Boot socks are so important. Pair them with either a simple or more complex pair of rain boots, and you have a match made in heaven! Boot socks keep feet extra warm and add a pop of color to rainy day attire all at once.

    Boot socks
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    Put a Hood On

    Whether it’s a classic rain coat or a hooded sweatshirt, shielding your hair from the rain is something that we all need to do at one point or another. Rain coats are highly suggested, however, considering raindrops roll right off of the structured material. If you’re in a rush and don’t have a raincoat handy, go for another hooded item; it’s the second best option. You will not regret this cute and convenient fashion selection when your freshly straightened hair is completely dry.

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    Pants, Pants, and More Pants 

    You don’t want to be stuck in the rain wearing a skirt or ripped boyfriend jeans. It may seem obvious, but wear pants in bad weather to ensure that your legs don’t get wet and fall off from the cold, dreary forecast. More specifically, leggings are ideal; they go with nearly all ensembles, are extremely cozy, and tuck right into your trendy rain boots. Let’s be real: Who really wants to wear skinny jeans on a rainy day?

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    Go for the Messy Bun

    Doing your hair on a rainy day is simply unheard of. Instead of wasting time curling your locks when it will just end up as a mop of frizz, throw your hair up in a messy bun. This hairstyle is easy and fashion-forward; plus, you won’t have wasted an hour the night before with a flat iron in hand. To avoid the tragic hair mishaps that stem from interaction with rain, do the messy bun.

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