Product Review: Makeup Revolution ‘I Heart Makeup’ Palettes

    It is no secret that I love eye shadow palettes. The only problem is that the ones with good quality eye shadows are usually really expensive, and I do not want to spend too much money on them. However, I still want my eye shadows to be pigmented, smooth, and easy to blend out. After a long search, I came across the Makeup Revolution ‘I Heart Makeup’ palettes. Not only are they very affordable, they are also great duplicates for some high-end palettes!

    To start off, there are five different eye shadow palettes in the ‘I Heart Makeup’ collection, of which I own two. I have the ‘I Heart Chocolate’ palette and the ‘Naked Chocolate’ palette. Out of all five palettes, these two were the main ones that really stood out to me.


    Both palettes come in a really cute chocolate bar packaging. The ‘Naked Chocolate’ palette is a white chocolate bar, and the ‘I Heart Chocolate’ palette is a milk chocolate bar. Both palettes have a huge mirror in them, which I think is a great bonus. There are also 16 eye shadows — two of which are highlighting shades that are extra large. I love the fact that in both palettes one of the highlighting shades is matte and the other one is shimmery, so you can choose whichever you prefer for your look.


    The shadows themselves are very, very pigmented. You only have to lightly tap it with your eye shadow brush, and you will most likely have enough product on there. They are also very smooth and easy to blend out. I also love the shades in these palettes. I love a bronze smokey eye, and these two palettes have amazing shadows for that. There is even a really good variation between matte and shimmery shades, which I think is amazing.

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    I personally could never choose between these two palettes because both of them have some shades that I could not do without. But what may be a great advantage of the ‘I Heart Chocolate’ palette is that it is pretty much an exact duplicate of the much more expensive Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette. So, if you do get the Makeup Revolution one, you get the same shades and the same amazing quality for a much more affordable price.


    The Makeup Revolution ‘I Heart Makeup’ palettes retail for £7.99 (~$12).

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