March Writing Challenge: Honorable Mentions — Chloë Jessica, Ashlee Whitt, and Genevieve Burke

These 100-word stories from March's challenge were selected as Honorable Mentions. Those who completed this challenge are now encouraged to share their stories in the comments section of the article "March Writing Challenge."

Chloë Jessica

What Remains

The blood had already been spilled, streaking not only the earth, but humanity. Tainting innocence. So few people remained.

I witnessed mothers, wrestling for food. I witnessed darkness, despite the sun, it was always dark now. I find myself at the place I call home, a place undiscovered by the other survivors. A war over technology, the very thing that destroyed our desire for the natural, could not destroy the natural itself. My hidden utopia amidst the dystopia. A land of no possessions, just the serenity of a bubbling brook and an orchard. Happiness lies in what already exists.





Ashlee Whitt

Harmful Humans

Strange men in orange costumes keep trudging through our woods and destroying our home. My family has had to relocate four times in the last few weeks. As koala bears, we live in trees and spend an abundance of our time sleeping in those trees. How are we supposed to survive when our habitat is being destroyed? Chainsaws overpower the brattle of thunder and roar through whatever they deem fit. My kids relentlessly ask why they have to keep changing homes, but there’s no other option for my family. Nature, destroyed by selfish humans, is no longer our comfortable home.





Genevieve Burke

Only a Sprout

Deep in the woods, past any recognizable trail, a tree is trying to grow. A seed shots forth a small sprout. This minuscule green bud must endure grueling conditions to grow. He is pelted with rain, bent by the wind, and some days the sun never comes out. Despite these hardships, the tree persists. Each morning he wonders what misfortunes will befall him that day. He worries he will not last much longer, after all he is just a sprout. But when he looks up to the sky, he sees gargantuan trees and knows they all started as a sprout.





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