Maybe by Karen Manabat

Maybe in another life we were there
Waking to a new sunshine
Looking up at a different set of stars
Just you and me

Maybe there we were sure
Out of our mind certain
That we’re both chaotic
But in love nonetheless

Maybe you’d look at me
And I would look at you
With neither of us turning
As if we didn’t perfectly fit

Maybe you’d hold my hand
And I’d let you
With smiles on our faces
Ready for it all

Maybe that would be great
That alternate reality
That even though we had nothing today
At least in that life, we did



Karen Manabat
Karen Manabat is a registered nurse from the Philippines. She loves pizza, sunsets, and late night poetry. Whenever she's not working, you can find her cuddling with her dog or singing bad karaoke. Other habits include: giving away free hugs, bookstagramming, and constantly messing up choreography. See her struggle with photography, bad captions, tbrs, and more at @bookishkaren on Instagram.


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