Me Before You: The Romantic Movie of the Year

    Image via IMDb.
    Image via IMDb

    On June 3rd, Jojo Moyes’ beautiful tale of love and redemption came to the big screen for romantics of all ages. Starring the talented Emilia Clarke and Sam Claflin, audiences are sure to be pleased by their fantastic performances as well as the producers’ decision to make the film extremely true to the novel. With spectacular acting, magnificent sets, and an even more extraordinary (and bittersweet) ending, Me Before You is the romantic movie event of the year.

    Me Before You takes audiences on the hilarious and tragic journey of Lou Clark’s life. Lou has to face the financial intensity in her own home as well the conflicts that arise with her new job — taking care of a young man, Will Traynor, who is a quadriplegic. But things become even more difficult for her with Will becoming more and more stubborn and her boyfriend becoming suspicious as to why she is spending all of her time at work.

    Lou begins to think differently of Will when she finds out shocking news that could change everything for the two of them. As time goes on and they are able to bond, Lou knows she has to do everything she can to make Will see that life is beautiful and that he can still experience joy, despite the fact that he is in a wheelchair. Will Lou be able convince Will that his life is still worth living? After all, Lou was much different before she met Will, so maybe she can change him too.

    This swoon-worthy romantic drama is everything moviegoers (and book lovers) could have anticipated. From the larger than life sets to the incredible emotions that come with this film, fans are sure to find Me Before You to be one of their new favorites of the summer. Similarly to The Fault in Our Stars, this film presents viewers with the beauty and humor that comes with life but also shows what tragedy and recovery looks like. Me Before You was incredibly impactful for me, and it is currently one of my favorite book-to-movie adaptations of the year.

    For those looking for a touching romantic drama that teens and even males will enjoy, this is the perfect movie to go see. Producers make sure to provide elements that virtually any moviegoer is sure to enjoy: humor, romance, intensity, some brief violence, and plenty of drama. Catch Jojo Moyes’ book hit a theater near you and experience love and life through the eyes of a quadriplegic and a girl who is anything but ordinary.

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