Meet Bella and Her Amazing Dog, George

Words cannot do this story justice in terms of how special and heartwarming it is, but I’ll try. Bella, a 10-year-old girl, was born with Morquio Syndrome, a rare genetic disease that can affect a child’s bones. Because of the disease, Bella was unable to walk on her own. . . until one day when Bella met George. Then, everything changed.

George, a Great Dane, was just one of the many dogs being trained by Service Dog Project, Inc., a non-profit organization that specializes in raising and training Great Danes to be used as service dogs for “individuals who have severe balance and mobility limitations.” The bond between Bella and George was instant, and soon Bella was able to walk around with the help of George. From escorting Bella to her classes at school to being her constant companion, George is always there for Bella, no matter what.

As David Muir sums it up best, George is “one really great Dane.”


Lauren Drop
Lauren Drop graduated from college with a degree in English, so it's no surprise that books and writing are a big part of her life. While it's hard to pin all of her literary favorites down, some of her writing heroes include F. Scott Fitzgerald, Dorothy Parker, and Alice Munro. Lauren also loves everything Old Hollywood and cites Charlie Chaplin and Lucille Ball as two of her biggest inspirations. She is an avid daydreamer and when she’s not reading and writing or drinking copious amounts of iced coffee and iced tea, she loves to bake, cross-stitch, and make jewelry… though not all at once.


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