Melissa Undone by Ronda Redmond

You are a willow branch broke open.
Sleek. puffed with soft.

Wind breaks you down,
twists you. I’ve seen you
fight it, and now I say

Let yourself break free.
Snap at the root,
blow puff to the wind.

Become a cloud,
pass over mountains.
Come east. Come to me.

I’ll hold the sky for you,
tether my roots
to you and wait
until you are full enough
to circle the globe.


Ronda Redmond
Ronda Redmond lives in a small Midwestern town with her husband, two teenage sons, and three dogs. She works as a business analyst, which is about as exciting as toast. Her true joy comes from family, friends, social activism, and the arts. She loves to read, cook, throw pottery, and eat popcorn while binging a good series. She lives in a great community of artists and activists, and she loves to stay involved by leading writing groups, serving on the local Pride committee, and stepping into artsy adventures that come her way. Ronda believes everyone is creative in their own way and that joy is found in the process of creating things that feels necessary and true.



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