Midweek Hype: Dangerous Living

    The titular character of this month’s book theme, Dorian Gray, is a disturbed man– to completely understate the situation. He starts off as the perfect picture of beauty and youth, but as he is able to sustain that image, he begins to spiral downward to more and more heinous sins.

    Now, of course, I would never condone the dark and dangerous life of Dorian Gray, but sometimes it’s just fun to walk in pseudo-slow motion with your head down while listening to dark hipster-y bands. So, feel a little dangerous, Germies, and get yourself to the weekend!

    Other than playing with her over-active pup, Social Media Director Shelby Padgett has a number of passions including music, writing, and writing about music. She has completed her Bachelor's degree in the former and hopes to continue highlighting underrepresented girls who shred. She reads as much as she can, and especially loves the writings of C.S. Lewis, F. Scott Fitzgerald, and anyone else who can make art with words. She enjoys playing her ukulele, posting gratuitous pictures of her dog, collecting mugs, and green bean casserole.


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