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Midweek Hype: Obsessive Love

Though many classics cause debate, I’ve found none so polarizing as Emily Brontë’s Wuthering Heights — which just happens to be our book of the month. It seems you can only find Heathcliff’s intense pursuit desperately romantic or unbelievably unnerving.

But, whichever side of the argument you may fall, I think we can all agree that some of the most singable songs tend to creep in that near-stalkerish territory. So, here’s to romanticizing the unrequited and unrelenting.

Chin up, Germies. The weekend’s close enough to spy on you from the bushes.

Other than playing with her over-active pup, Social Media Director Shelby Padgett has a number of passions including music, writing, and writing about music. She has completed her Bachelor's degree in the former and hopes to continue highlighting underrepresented girls who shred. She reads as much as she can, and especially loves the writings of C.S. Lewis, F. Scott Fitzgerald, and anyone else who can make art with words. She enjoys playing her ukulele, posting gratuitous pictures of her dog, collecting mugs, and green bean casserole.

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