Moving On by Claudia Miranda

The day after your death, the sun still surprisingly came up and shone down onto the cold and blue horizon. There were no loud noises, no yelling, no more crying, no shattering glass. Just silence and sunlight. Your body looked so still; muscles no longer singing, chest no longer rising and falling; your skin as cold as a tomb. I have no heart left to break, for you have taken it with you to the grave. My love for you turned to death. Your death caused longing, leaving me here to bear this pain all alone. It all feels so raw and real. Soon you’ll just be a series of images flashing through my mind. A memory of a memory. This is me moving on… I don’t want to move on…

Claudia Miranda
Claudia Miranda is a 19-year-old studying psychology at Florida International University. She loves reading, writing poetry, and listening to new music. She loves the moon, the stars, the constellations, and the galaxies. They make her feel alive, like she’s actually here. She wants to write something real, something that will change someone's life. Writing is her escape.



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